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The Truth About Hiccup

Hiccup was sitting at one of the desks on Chemistry, quietly doing his work. Ana saw this and found it the perfect opportunity to go and have a little... chat. She stood up, fluffed her dark brown hair and strode over to Hiccup's desk. She crouched down and leaned on her elbows, looking at him until he noticed her.

"And what would you like Ana?" He asked, smiling. She narrowed her eyes when he looked back down at his paper to finish his sentence, her face going back to a fake smile as soon as his attention was back on her.

"I'd guess you know Jack Overland pretty well, don't you?" Ana asked.

"Not really. He was just showing me around." Hiccup reassured her. He glanced over at the board. "That should be sixteen over pi..." 

"What was that Mr. Haddock?" The teacher asked, turning around to look at him. Ana rolled her eyes.

"Oh, nothing... It's just... Shouldn't the second problem read sixteen over pi?" 

"Sixteen over pi? That's quite impossible." The teacher gave him a hesitant look and brought out her calculator,  carefully punching in the numbers. "I stand corrected. Well done Mr. Haddock." The teacher congratulated. Hunter Furi, who sat next to him, seemed very impressed. Ana dropped her jaw in offense. What exactly she took offense to, no one knew. She got up and walked back to her desk.


In the hallway, Fishlegs was leaning against the wall next to the Dragon statue, when he saw something that he'd never seen before. Jack Overland was looking at the sign-up sheet covered supporting beam. Not only did he never do that, what's worse is that he was looking straight at the Winter Musical Sign-Up sheet.

As Jack walked away, Fishlegs was walking back over to the beam when he saw his sister. He grabbed her arm and abruptly pulled her over to the sign-up sheet. "Jack Overland was looking at our sign-up sheet." He explained, hurriedly.

Ana thought for a moment. "You know, come to think of it, him and that Hiccup boy were looking at it earlier too." The siblings looked at each other. 

Fishlegs' eyes widened in shock. "You don't think-"

"No." Ana said firmly, cutting off Fishlegs. "I will not let that happen." She looked at the sign-up sheet again. "Y'know, there's something strange about him. Where was he from again?" Fishlegs shrugged his shoulders. Ana groaned and strode down the hall to the library and sat down at one of the computers, typing in 'Hiccup Haddock' in the search bar. 

When links showed up, Ana clicked on the first one. Her eyes widened and a smile donned her face as she saw what the website said about him. 

"Wow. He's like... Einstein!" Fishlegs exclaimed as he read over it. Ana nodded. "So, why is he interested in our musical?"

"I don't think it's the musical he's into." Ana smiled viciously. Fishlegs looked confused and Ana groaned again. "Do keep up will you?" 

"I try but I don't know what you talk about if you don't tell me!" Fishlegs complained. Ana rolled her eyes.

"I think our little Hiccup plays for the other team." Ana said slowly.

"He's into sports? He doesn't look like it." 

"He's gay Fishlegs!" Ana said irritably. 


Ana looked back to the screen. She clicked the print button. "But just in case I'm wrong, which I know I'm right, we'll get him pointed in the right direction." She stood up, snatched the printed web page and walked out of the library.

Short chapter, I know and I'm sorry. Ususally I'd go into more detail, but for some strange reson, this one came out pretty short... 

In this chapter, we saw Ana really become Sharpay! And for those of you that didn't know this, I use the name Ana for Tooth because Toothiana sounds too... Tooth Fairy I guess.... But yes it is Tooth.

All characters (c) Dreamworks
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it's Hunter fury...Toothless?? no it's impossible...v.v'
Maybe. There's a chapter coming up where you'll find out. :) 
Jimplayer Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
oh busted 
You can't hide anything from Ana. :)
Jimplayer Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
SmilesBerry Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aww! Thanks!
SmilesBerry Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Youre so welcome!
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